Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2007-04-07 17:44:54 (UTC)

My sisters Kids.....O My

My sisters Kids are here again....She never takes care of
them and it pisses me off cause my mom is all about How i
have to be responsible and shit (which I know this) but
then my sister NEVER has her kids...My mom keeps them
overnight so that Heather doesn't have to get woke up at
night...Like sorry thats the life of a parent...She's such
a bad mother it pisses me off so bad like she doesn't even
have custody of her other 3 kids because she wanted to go
live her life and wound up getting knocked up again by 2
diff people!!! Now my mom is stuck taken care of her kids
all the time and it isn't easy having them around with
Kaden cause they are lil assholes to him. Sarah is alright
with him but Alex is a jerk to Kaden and i don't like it.
My mom was just talking to Heather on the phone and told
her Alex was up at 2 in the morning SCREAMING last night
and his room is right next to mine and he woke up Kaden and
of course i'm going to tell Heather that her kid was bad
last night...He is 2 years old why are 2 year olds still
waking up and screaming. Next time Kaden screams in the
middle of the night (which he has never done) I'm taking
him and putting him right outside where there sleeping.
They constintly wake him up! So my mom got mad cause i told
my sister off...Who the fuck cares she needs to take
responsibility for her kids...They have no dicipline
because they have no parents....My mom is going to threaten
me with You can find someone else to take care of
you...Well, I honestly doubt i allow her around Kaden much
after i move out... She caused alot of shit in my pregnancy
and my family that was uncalled for, So she honestly don't
need to be around that much!I don't know she can take care
of my sisters children..I want to take care of my child by
myself I don't want to depend on my mom...My mom HAS to
have someone depend on her cause when you don't no more she
can't take not being in control. She's a control freak.
Well My sisters Kids are screaming again and my mom is
going nuts and she takes it out on me. All i can say is My
sisters kids.....O my.

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