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2007-04-07 02:06:30 (UTC)

British Soldiers in Iran

This is not nearly what I came here to write about but it
seems to be what I can actually focus on, so for what it's
worth, here you go.

This thing with the soldiers in Iran...I'm really
perplexed. I was speaking with my father the other day
and he said that he couldn't really understand why these
soldiers had made these confessions. I was rather stunned
to hear him say that. My dad is a very intelligent,
rational, educated man and it just struck me that that
statement was so at odds to how I expected he would
think. He would normally be angry that the soldiers were
being paraded around, that they were captured at all and
be firmly on their side. So I told him my view, that it
was hard to say why they made the confessions and that we
had no way of knowing what was going on around them when
they made those confessions. How did we know someone
wasn't pointing a gun at their head and saying, Do it or
you or your mates get killed? He answered that he hoped
that was the case because if they were voluntary, they'd
never be able to be soldiers again, they'd be so
ostracized and shunned and blackballed and all of that. I
replied that I imagined they were trained, to some degree,
on how to answer questions and how to make statements if
they were forced to, and how to act if they were captured,
and that maybe they also partially wanted to be put on
television so the people at home could at least see them
and know they were alive and try to figure out what was
going on. His point was that they had to know that if
their captors tried to do anything to them, or did
anything to them, all hell would rain down on the from the
British and the Americans and pretty much every other
allied nation. As he said, Iran would be a prime glass-
makng factory after they were done with it.

I suppose that last part of his point was correct. I just
was surprised. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I can't conceive of
thinking of that situation in a way that would say the
soldiers shouldn't have said anything, especially when
we're talking about a country like Iran, which has
recently displayed its propensity for saying and acting in
strange ways on the world stage. I really am willing to
acknowledge that I could be wrong about this. I just was
so surprised to hear my father say something like that
because it's not at all how he normally speaks about
things like this, at least, not that I think, anyway. I
expected him to say that Iran was being run by a bunch of
crackpots or that it was terrible the soldiers were being
paraded and being displayed making confessions, or other
things of the sort. I just was so perplexed by that. And
the funny thing is, these days, I'm way more liberal than
my father is. [-she smiles a little bit-] At any rate.
I'm glad they are home and I'm glad they appear to be
mostly okay. And I'm really glad this didn't turn into
something way way worse. God knows it could have, and
easily, at that.

At any rate. That's all I've got to say for now. Until


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