Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-04-06 08:30:28 (UTC)

asking for disaster

indeed. seems I do that quite often. asking for disasters
to occur when i know damned well that I shouldn't be anywhere
near anything I shouldn't and should be doing what I need to
do in order to succeed, and yet, here I am, still trying to
get my shit together and wondering where all the time has gone
and then whining about it...

ask yourself these questions, and then really think hard about
them, being honest with yourself helps. Some good advice these
were, and I've been thinking about them. If you can answer
them inside of a day, you're lying to yourself in hopes that
something good will come of it, if you take many days about it
and really, really grind it down to what you are capable of,
then nothing can stand in your way.

Where do you want to be in 6 months, 12 months, 1 year, 2
years, 5 years?

Is your lifestyle that which you enjoy, or is it something
that you are having to endure because you can't seem to get
out from under the thumb of debt, or a piss poor job?

where do you live? is that where you really want to be? Do
you own your home, if you don't, you should think hard about
what it would take to own your own place, living in rent hell
for the rest of your life isn't the answer, so figure it out.

is your career where you want it to be? do you even have one?
if you don't, why the hell not, whats stopping you? Do you
have all the training you need to have in order to fulfill
the requirements for that dream job?

Do your friend support you, or do they drag you down? Are you
in a good relationship, or is the person you're with really
the ideal person, or are you just settling because it's

List 1 thing that you would do, if you had only 1 year to
live, and that would be your lasting legacy, the one thing
that everyone would remember about you, the only thing that
anyone would remember you for.

List 1 thing like the last, but if you had 2 years to live.

Have you been honest? Really honest?

You never know whats around the corner.