Nick's Journal
2007-04-03 23:17:53 (UTC)

Workers of the World Unite!

well i just finished reading the communist manifesto. i
have to say it is a well written piece of work. of course
the problem is that i hold the exact opposite premesises of
communists so all the logic in the world doesn't help them
if we're departing from different points.
all in all it got me thinking about ideologies and idealism
in general. if i had to categorize myself under one
ideology it woudl have to be libertarianism. although in
reality i don't like very many of the libertarian doctrine i
would definitely subscribe to it overall as the one cohesive
set of principles which i would want to live my life by.
i just thoroughly believe in individuality, freedom, private
property and all that other libertarian rigmorole. i think
it is the most intelligent and thought out doctrine out
there and is usually hampered by some idiot socialists who
harp on one or two lousy principles.
the problem of course is that every ideology starts to
crumble the second you start conceding one point. i've
found this to really be the principle in legal theories.
like when i subscribe to a certain way to view certain legal
issues and i allow an exception to that general rule it
starts to crack.
one's ideology is like a box in which they seal themselves
in. they seal themselves off from the realities of the
world and encase themselves in enscounced principles which
they don't dare deviate from. and once they do, the box
starts getting cracks and this shit starts spewing in and
this shit comes from the mouth of the people who want to
destroy your ideological thinking.
anyhow i liked how the intro talked all about how communism
never works in principle because the basic proleterian
consciousness has never been realized. marx relied too much
on a literal (and social) interpretation of the hegelian
philosophical notion that history is a continuation in
testament of man's evolution. and that the revolution of
the proletariat was simply an inevitable consequence of the
bourgeoise's imposition of capitalism.
ha! capitalism 1 communism 0 motha fucka!