My Gay Misadventures
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2007-04-03 05:36:43 (UTC)

2 years later....


Its been roughly about 2 years since my last entry here. I
had no flippin idea this account was still intact. readin
back on what iv done 4 years about back in 2003 is a trip...

Like most bloggers these days, I have a Myspace. so my last
events have been posted elsewhere. But now that iv found
this again, I can actually say things i wouldnt want
someone i knew to read. which brings such clearity..


I live donwtown now. I used to live with Matias (yes, we
did end up moveing in together again, and yes, shit hit ze
fan.) I live on my own in a nice lil studio apt. Mi gato,
scarlet still live with me. I still smoke pot. I work at
the Tower of the Americas (a resturant thats 750ft in the
air) and yea, that pretty much covers it.

I think ima go read some other entries i made and smoke
s'more dope.

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