Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-04-02 00:09:31 (UTC)

who fools aprils fools

thomas is going to arrive in about an hour or so
from driving down from edmonton, and then he'll
be here for a week or less, or more, and then I
will hopefully, if things work out, go off with
him when he goes to halifax.

still undecided on whether in fact, ottawa or
vancouver should be my final destination after
the road trip. I really prefer vancouver but
I have more friends, or rather, actual friends
in ottawa, 2 really, and I can get student loans
far easier there than I could in vancouver.

However, Vancouver has the better weather, and
the vancouver film school, so if I can manage
to make the royal bank go fuck themselves and
thusly make my life easier, then I'll be going
that route.

If I can't get them off my back, well, then
carleton would seem to be the better choice.

but I really liked living in vancouver.

I missed the aprils fools jokes today, mostly
because I was too tired, but I did get fooled
by one of them, heh, it was funny.