Nick's Journal
2007-04-01 03:26:08 (UTC)

I got some "Beef"!

thus far, this weekend has been highly entertaining. i just
came back from a bar visit with some friends to watch the
gators beat the living shit out of the bruins. it all
started on friday when i was in a coerced group meeting
(courtesty of my civ pro teacher) when i was asked if i
would like to join a couple of guys for some wings.
i reacted like a flattered high school girl who had just
been asked to the prom by the most popular guy in school.
so anyway, before i went i decided to knock out 'Beef' a
movie about, "hip hop's most awesome rap battles and feuds"
(courtesy of the cover of the dvd).
anyhow, this was everything i hope it would be.
unintentional comedy through the roof with a little dash of
sheer disbelief. i don't know if my disbelief was higher when,
a.) the beginning of the dvd started by likening the rap
battles to the socratic dialectic employed by socrates in
his philosophical discussions with the sophists ("like many
great thinkers before them, these rappers felt a duty to
carry on the legacy of CONFRONTATION!!!")
b.) when a member of a rap group named "tru-life" actually
started firing rounds during an interview
c.) when 50 cent took it for granted that he was either
going to get shot or do some shooting because of the beef he
was in with ja rule
all in all, pretty entertaining although a bit long-winded 3/5
anyhow, after this i went to meet up with the guys for some
it was me, andrew (guy from my legal writing) and 4 other
dudes and heidi. heidi is one of those, "hang with the
guys" kinda girl and isn't afraid to throw down a couple of
pitchers of beer to prove it.
after about an hour of eating wings everybody was so tanked
we started thinking it was saturday. heidi was diong this
thing where she thought she was really funny by eating a
wing, screaming, "ahhh my tongue is on fire" and chugging a
albeit it this proved to be quite hilarious after about 2
hours in which she was screaming for real and sprinting
towards the bathroom to blow chunks.
so then this afternoon i joined my usual group of friends to
watch the final four.
at the bar...who should i run into? but the exact same
group i was with last night!
after much rejoicing we got down to drinking in earnest.
i'd say that by half-time we didn't know if we were watching
football or basketball.
heidi kept asking me if she was annoying last night, which
you weren't heidi.
in fact you weren't annoying this afternoon either when you
kept on insisting that we play quarters in a bar.
anyhow, it was good times all around as i was finally
prodded into doing my hitler oration.
what is the 'hitler oration' you ask?
well it's somnething i came up with during civ pro (which
i'm thinking precipitated to my invitation to wings).
essentially, when there's that usual frost over the group in
the beginning and everyone is all tacit in offering suggets,
i wild out and act like hitler.
this is accomplished by screaaming in german, wagging my
finger in someone's face and eventually summikng up my
position by pumping my elbow in and out from my rib cage and
advocating that we confine all the jews in our group to one
corner of the room.
this is usually a hit unless of course someone doesn't like
hitler or is a humorless jew.
anyhow, i kept on asking grant how the "aryan nation" club
was going (he is about 6'3, has blond hair, blue eyes, and
has a nordic complexion in general), and asked heidi if they
were going planning on furthering the aryan race.
all in all it was great especially with that gm commercial.
i love that commercial where the machine is dreaming. is
it me or is that really realistic?
anyhow, i loved it.
i'm picking the gators on monday.