Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2007-03-28 06:29:34 (UTC)

that old black magic

news of my sanity's demise, have been greatly under exaggerated.

having lived the majority of my existence in winnipeg,
and having spent most of that time trying to escape,
it is little wonder that I cannot, for the most part go
anywhere in this city without having run into people I
know, knew, recognize, loathe, abhor, love, like or the
many other emotional gamut runs one tends to make whilst
wandering down memory lane.

this week, I've run into 3 people who I would inflict
massive bodily damage to if it weren't for the fact,
I actually, contrary to popular belief, abhor violence
in anything else than movies, video games and anything,
anywhere away from me. I also, ran into mike, who I've
not seen since about 3 months before I left winnipeg on
my sojourn across the country. We were roommates in a
bachelor apartment years ago for about a month, his best
friend of 16 years was a guy I went to high school with,
we'd been friends, and in the course of the last decade or
so we've been circling around each other, our social
circles, so to speak crossing paths, in the most bizarre
and often confusing ways.

suffice to say, I find it both a boon, and a curse.

I'm such the anti socialite, as compared to years
gone by, and for the life of me, I don't know why.

or, rather, I prefer to not speculate for fear the
answer might be, a tad bit incendiary to my fragile