Nick's Journal
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2007-03-25 19:46:38 (UTC)

Losing my mind on this legal writing memo!

ARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!! for approximately 8 or so hours a day
this weekend i've been doing nothing but work on my legal
writing memo. an 18 page epic on how a local strip club is
violating the federal fair labor standards act (you gotta
love the creativity of law professors). i actually worked
nonstop this past week just so that i could be sure i could
put in these 8 hours a day over the weekend. how sick is
that? i worked like a beaver on crack so that i could work
like a beaver after finishing off an eightball in one
sitting. christ.
anyhow, one thing that i've found is that when i write, i am
way too pedagogical. my memo is filled with at least 2
pages of "now i will discuss this" "next the point will be
this". thankfully my teacher raped my paper with some red
ink to show me the error of my ways.
anyhow, i'm thankfully down to about 18 pages and i have to
admit. if i were to give this to someone who doesn't
necesarily know anything about the fair labor standards act,
i think they would agree with my conclusion that strippers
are neither independent contractors nor professional
employees as exempted under 29 usc s 13(a)1.
anyhow, on to more interesting news.
doesn't it seem like deal or no deal is just losing it? i
mean they are starting to strike me as the girlfriend or
wife who is getting worried that their significant other is
starting to lose interest in them and is willing to do
kinkier and kinkier shit.
i mean now they had two people playing the game, went out
into the 'real world' to find a contestant, and had a
"girl's night" what the fuck?
they need to just go all out and have naked midgets holding
the briefcases. howie can be like,
"now i know you know that this game can't start until i say
the following words...."
and then they'll say
"hi howie!!"
but it'll be in that weird nasal voice that midgets have and
it'll be hilarious. also i think the banker needs to be
really racist and sexist.
"well, shaniqua...he says he's got his tv nailed down and
he's willing to throw you out on the street with a crack's that sound?"
"well, sanchez. first of all he'd like to see a green card.
and secondly, he just figured he'd just take his offer and
give it directly to the irs in the taxes you haven't paid."
anyhow, i thinik it would spice it up a bit.
other than that i have fallend back in love with southpark.
it's really cyclical for me. i really like it then am
bored with it. lately i started to not understand why they
just did a whole episode on cartman sticking his dick in
butter's mouth.
but then i read the latest issue of rolling stone with their
interview and i realized just how much i liked the writers
and where they come from. i can't figure them out for the
life of me but that's what the grea4t thing is about this
show. the art speaks for itself without the artist bleating
in the background with his political issues.
anyhow, two things that i take umbrage to as i'm watching
the ncaa tournament (both commercials).
1.) that hummer commerical where this guy who looks like a
raging asshole is takling about how he customized his
hummer. now why is it that only assholes get hummers? and
the weirdest thing is that you have to be pretty insecure to
need such an instrumentality on the road to make you feel
big. if you were really a man you'd by a kia sport or some
shit like that and then rear end some sun of a bitch in a
hummer, then kick his ass.
2.) these commercials with (i think it's sprint?) cell
phones. where there's an asian guy and a white guy. now
not only does the asian guy act like a huge jackass (what's
up with the throwing the tennis ball? is the white guy a
dog? i don't get it), but the white guy is so incredibly
stupid it's just retarded.
i think we have to have a bit of egalitarianism when it
comes to making people stupid. why is it only white males
are idiots? like in all those microwave food commericals,
the dad is trying to make dinner and then he sets his 4 year
old daughter on fire or some shit liek that...then the mom
comes in and throws a lean pocket in the microwave.
okay and i guess one more commercial that pisses me off
3.) anything mcdonald's. now first off, if i were black i'd
be pissed off. talk about condescending. what do black
people dance all the god damned time? that's the way
mcdonald's make it look. they're always dancing. i got a
quarter pounder, shake it to the left.
what a stereotype. i specificaly like the one where the guy
remodels their house then does the cabbage patch, and in the
end he says someting like, "we ain't got no dawwwwg"
but i really hate that one where the two guys from work meet
each other and act like a bunch of faggots.
christ mcdonald's. has anyone of your writers seen the
light of day in the past 15 years?
you know that black people don't always dance and that
people don't act like bona fide dipshits all the time, right?
anyhow, i think that's all that pisses me off right now.
another thing i've been thinking about is whether or not
turkey should just the EU, but i guess i should make that
another journal.