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2007-03-24 09:28:51 (UTC)


Well where do i begin????
It's Saturday the 24th of March 2007, Just another
ordinary night on the East Coast in a little place called
Torere. I actually live in Kawerau (it's a hole) but i'm
here on the coast because of my boyfriend's work. He
work's as a caregiver in another small coastal place
called Tirohanga and doesn't finish til 2morow-So that's
why i am here.

I met my man about eight months ago in a town called
Whakatane. He was working in the forestry then and i was
caregiving for the agency he's working for now. Anyway his
name is Ranen and he's also 21 years old. He's 5"9,Fair
skinned, with dreamy hazel eyes. I love him so much, he's
my world at the moment. Just like me he's a Maori from the
East Coast. He is also of Tuhoe descent and did i say i
love him? Well i do, i really truly deeply do. Anyway he
was an only child for years but now has a 2year old sister
and i think she is so gorgeous. Ranen is into Karate and
has practised it for a number of years. To my knowledge he
likes martial arts/music/food and me(hehe). He's cool as,
he is so caring, affectionate, giving, kindhearted,
intelligent, friendly, strong and he takes good care of
me. I truly am thankful for Ranen and i wouldn't want to
be with anyone else.

As all relationships start out everything's perfect and
exciting. That was how it was for us too. I use to think
about him every second of the day and couldn't wait to see
him. All was well,it was GREAT actually. As the months
went by we grew closer and closer together and now i feel
like he is my own blood flesh and bone. Our relationship
has been good despite the lows. One low point that stands
out to me was our car accident. I was driving my silver
1989 Cefiro- travelling at around 80kms on loose seal. I
turned the corner when all of a sudden the back tyres spun
out and to my horror i had crashed into a ditch, just
missing the swamp. My Boyfriend was in the front
passenger's seat and my Younger brother was in the back
seat. We all were okay,shaken but okay. I banged my head
into the steering wheel and because i was dumb and not
wearing my seat belt, the impact of the crash through me
hard up against the steering wheel causing minor damage to
my nose. I went to hospital and a day later i looked in
the mirror only to find Beth Heke(my face was smashed and
bruised). Anyway despite the black eyes and swollen face
i'm now okay and i've healed nicely. We've been through
alot together in such a short time and maybe that's why i
feel so connected to him. our relationship has moved so
fast, within three months of the relationship we've moved
in together and even found out that we are having a baby.
It's all been so very new to us and the fact that we dont
have children makes the up and coming days more
interesting. We are expecting a baby girl around late June
early July 2007. As i write this i am 6months pregnant.

At first i thought i had some kind of virus or tummy
infection so i made a doctor's appointment and went in. We
all know what it really was, it turns out my tummy bug was
the makings of a baby girl. I was filled with so many
emotions as the doctor shared the news with my mother.
shocked,happy,sad,nervous and just all round mixed
emotioned. As i said earlier, i haven't got any children
of my own but i have helped raise my brothers and sisters,
so i'm not afraid of raising a child. I am however afraid
that i will make the same mistakes that my parent's made
but deep down i know i will make a great mother. I believe
that a child should have both parents involved with his or
her life and for that i am grateful to have Ranen because
i know he will make a great father. I didn't have much to
do with my father and in a way i think it has helped me to
be aware of the people i chose to be around in my life. So
blessed to have my boyfriend a descent guy(YAY!). Anyway
back to the bubba. Now at six months i can't wait for our
babygirl to be born. I haven't had any problems with my
pregnancy so far other then the normal effects like
tiredness, lack of energy and such. I've got another
3months to go and the preparation has been good.

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Anyway life is good and i am thankful. So until next time