Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2007-03-23 16:48:33 (UTC)

Glad things are getting better!

So me and Matt are doing better...Hopefully it stays this
way. Lately i've kinda been the "housewife" its not really
bad...I do wish Matt didn't work as much as he
does...sometimes i swear we don't see each other till i'm
already in bed and then we just sleep...Then Kaden wakes me
up 2 or 3 times...He is now sleeping in his crib and he
isn't doing very well with it...But i am to afriad to have
him lay between me and Matt. I don't know I know we need to
grow up and deal with having to be apart. I just miss
having him around so much. Lately we've been doing good on
money. We started out with 1,500 we put 1000 of that up and
that left him with 500 dollers and he got 300 of the car,
Then i got 373 of my taxes back and got a 100 Dollar
paycheck and I'm sapposed to get more back on taxes and
after we buy the car and pay my mom off and Matt bought a
grill and got Kadens name tattooed on his neck...We still
have as of now 1,300 which is really good our 2 year
anniversarry is on the 1st so i'm going to the mall to get
him something really nice for it. Then we are going to go
out to eat and he's going to take my shopping! I"m excited!
I'm really glad things are getting better!

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