No time for love Dr. Jones
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2007-03-22 11:33:29 (UTC)

I'm as high as I'll ever be

I'm restless. I've had a taste of a better life and I want
more. I want more, and I want it now.

We had a gig on Saturday night at the Bridgeway. A really
good gig. There was this 21 year old emo spunk rocking out
right in front of me all show. I was pretty sure from up
on stage she was 'interested'. After we finished she came
running after me asking me for my number. After a few
moments hesitation I gave it to her. I didn't actually
think to myself "wow, I'm gonna bang this bird so hard",
it was more along the lines of "if I don't give her the
number, she's gonn ahold it against the band". So that's
how I justified that.

Also at this gig were a couple of Rob's friends, one of
which was a girl named Daniella. I got home from band
practice last night and stayed up til 330am chatting
online with her. She's pretty funny.

There is a point to this entry, and here it comes. Would
either of these girls be so interested in me if it weren't
for the band? I hate to have to say no. I'm just not that
interesting otherwise.

And now back to my opening thought... I've tasted a better
life and I want more. Is this what being a rock star is
about? Do I have what's needed to pull chicks in this way?
I honestly don't think I do, but I really want to test
this theory. Moral dilemma? Watch this space...