Nick's Journal
2007-03-19 15:23:19 (UTC)

Forever Young

first of all I will defend Rod Stewart to the death. next
to bruce springsteen i can't think of one other voice that
is more evocative. someone who gave us both maggie may and
forever young (atleast i'm assuming he came up with the
latter and the former), or at the very least gave us
heart-wrenching renditions of each, has a special place in
my heart (spandex pants and all).
anyhow, i am now back. about 45 mins away from the bus to
school and i'm already missing my juli. it's always a sad
dilemma when i see her. the tension between being so happy
to be with her and the sadness of knowing that it won't last
forever are two chords playing dissonant notes throughout my
stay. but in the end the heartache is always worth the good
although this internship isn't permanent it just feels
wrong. it's hard to descrie really. i mean here i sit
living the bachelor's life. the life of "doing whatever i
want". the life of blocks of cheese, constant farting, and
final fantasy x. but in comparison it really can't hold a
candle to married life. i dont really know why so many
shows on tv are centered around marriage as a bad thing, i
couldn't think of a better thing to have happened to me, and
(at least i think so) i am the most independent person there is.
well marriage might not be for everyone, but at least i'm
realizing that it is the thing for me. and now for another
month of not being able to hold my baby in my arms when
falling asleep, getting indepth analysis of myself in under
3 minutes, and just enjoying life with her in general. :-(.
anyway, the reason for the titel is that juli asked me if
she acted "young" for her age. i still don't know how we
determine if someone is acting "young" but i think i can
definitively say yes.
i associate a young mind with one that is constantly
curious, constantly open for argument and skepticism,
unreigned sense of humor, and a beautiful radiant smile that
always puts everyone at ease.
so yes juliann. you act young.