I Debbie...
2007-03-08 14:44:37 (UTC)

Stupid Human Tricks Thank You David L.

I seriously do work with a bunch of hens. Cluck cluck
cluck. Peck on a seed in the dust to see what it is only
to find out I am full of shit. Or man that was my foot. Or
my supposed friend that is laying on the floor bleeding
because of my careless comment. But I am a hen and that is
what I am programmed to do.

But you know what. We aren't hens or chimps or horses or
birds. We are humans with ranges of emotions and brains.
We are higher on the evolutionary tree than any of our
mammal counterparts. But for some dang reason some people
act like they are some amoeba bouncing off of other things
without a backbone in their body or brain in their heads.
Not that they really have a head because they are ameoba.
But I digress.

Stupid Human Trick #1
Open your mouth not to the person you am talking about but
to her best friend. It doesn't matter how right you may
think you are, it all washes off the window when a friend
is involved. Clarity becomes smothered in the steam of
emotion. Unless by some miracle the friend agrees with
you and is just ignoring the fault.
Yes one of my friends is very strong minded and always
has an opinion. Alot of them are right and some are just
plain silly. But its an attitude not an action. Don't try
to tell me it is a good thing for a friend to use her
position within a company to get away with not working
under the guise of helping out. And then complain because
someone else is following in her lead.

Stupid Human Trick #2
Pick Your Battles Wisely. One such battle is not over
frigin parking spaces. I know we are a one car family and
I have become accustomed to walking. But don't make it a
three day long dialogue....I like that word...reaching the
farthest corners of the building. Don't keep involving
other people to fuel it. Don't let it ignite into you and
take its hold into your work so that it to is corrupt.
So what if you have to walk ten extra spaces in the
morning or at night to your car. We should allow the
parents easy access into the building. Unless you as
teachers and supposed protectors of them would like to see
the parents try to carry them and their artwork and their
other stuff to the car all the while watching for idiot
drivers. Must be the same reason why you other teachers
crowd at the windows sometimes on top of chairs to see who
is coming into the building. I am not making this up
either. You should see them play the guessing game of who
is in the car. It borders on hillarious. I mean okay Yah I
like to know when a parent is coming so I can get their
stuff ready. Or change a diaper for the final time of my
day with them. That is just being considerate. I am not
some nosy ding dong with a compulsion for who is in what
car and then to go on for minutes after about how nice,
big or wierd that car was. Again I am not making this up.

Stupid Human Trick #3
Don't be afriad to stick up for something you beleive in
but be prepared for the solidarity of one. Yes you could
wind up alone at the lunch table because you chose to
either go against the grain , see #1 , or because you find
some policies abit on the weird side. Sometimes there is a
middle ground. I don't know if some may find this a
contradiction to what I just said but here goes. You can
not respond to a comment and in that way compromise your
position. For example, if someone says that another
teacher is lazy and you want to agree. Just keep your
mouth shut. See #2. If it is a safe haven to express your
views and you think it is going to be of some value then
by all means vent your frustration and speak you mind. But
and this is a big but, if all you are going to do is add
to the fire then spare yourself the pain of hearing your
words come back in a tatterd mess by leaving the room if
you can.

Stupid Human Trick #4
We or at least some uf us get really tired of hearing
about a social circumstance because of race, ethnic origin
or hair color. Why is it not the same thing about the
Men are this way and women are that. Okay so if that is
okay we as people are leaving it wide open for us to
overgeneralize about everything else leading to a new
social order where as long as you can rationalize
something into a catagory you make it okay. Just becuase
of a hair color or condition or a specific trait it
doesn't give them the right not to be able to change their
actions ahead of time. We are talking about thinking
mammals. If you are sick get help. If you need more
information about something attain it. And don't talk
before you speak.

More Later....

I Debbie