I drink Alone
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2007-03-07 23:34:28 (UTC)

Don't fight don't argue

Yesterday we said we'd try. Give it another chance. Another
this another that.
This morning I know Shannon came to pick up Frank, but I
didn't think much of it since I figured he was going to his
parents. But he hung out at her house all day because she's
He told me all this before he left there. Just as I'm
trying to not be upset about the fact he's hanging out with
her even though I know he had to be over there for his boy
He text messages he's now at Laurens house.
I understand he needed a ride but why did he have to go to
her freaking house? Why is he still there?
I can't stay happy. That's the problem. I can't keep the
sadness and doubt far enough down.
He asked if they weren't suppose to hang out ever and that
hurt. He says he understands I'm upset but he doesn't.

I've been sick all day. Stomach sick. It's weird. I hope
I'm not pregnant because it's really bad timing now. It's
not that I don't want a baby it's that he doesn't
understand how much he hurts me.
It makes me angry because they both act like they don't
know why I get upset, why James gets upset. I hate the
thought of them talking about how silly we're being.