Random (boring) Thoughts
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2007-03-07 01:03:38 (UTC)

Don't worry about the SUV's: There's a gentle curve ahead!

Sunday afternoon was fun. Well, sort of. I had no idea that
my fall on skis when I almost broke my wrist earlier that
day wasn't going to be my most spectacular wipeout.

You see, on Sunday afternoon, I flipped my explorer on the
way back to school. I lost control on some ice, hit a
snowbank at 60mph, did a somersault, and ended up hanging
by my seatbelt looking at the world sideways.

After I assessed the fact that I was alive, I retrieved my
cell phone from the floor/passenger side of my car and
climbed out my window.

"Wow," I thought. "I really need to take a picture of this:
it's pretty cool."

I took a picture with my phone (which I unfortunately
didn't save because I was in shock and my hands were
shaking). I then started thinking about how to work the
story into my next newspaper column (sad, but true).

I pretty much called everyone I knew once I got back on the
road again. Rudy decided that God either really likes me or
really hates him...either way, the outlook isn't good from
his perspective.

I told my assistant editor that she almost got herself a
promotion. She laughed and told me to try not to die.

I called my friend Abbey, who told me that this wasn't the
first time she had gotten a call from a friend who had
flipped their truck in the snow.

My favorite call, though, was from my brother. I chatted
with him briefly about the accident, and he called me back
a few minutes later with a priceless line.

"Jon, I was just thinking of something: I know you have
your ski gear in the car with you. You might want to strap
your helmet on for the rest of the drive back."

Call me crazy, but I seriously considered it.