would the world stop spinning
2007-03-05 07:50:38 (UTC)

feb 5th 2007

life is same ol' i'm only writing in here right now for
some sort of outlet. i've kinda distanced myself from
everyone for a while. i broke my leg back in december and
so i'm out of work and can't get out to see people really.
i'm living on my own, i have to room mates that aren't home
alot due to them both being in the army. as soon as my leg
is better i get to go back to my old job that i loved.
i'm single, what is new.... maybe everything this time.
i'm considering moving in indy, dani is there... we are
friends now. i'm friends with her new girl too who is
totally tring to help me get a job there. there isn't alot
more to say... alot has happened since i wrote in here
last. i think i'm going to deleate some of my old post.
mainly because they are old and they are many. alot of bad
memories that i dont care to still read or have other
people read anymore. i'm not sure that this is going to
become a full time journal again, but i do miss having one.