Thoughts from Blue Angel
2007-03-04 02:30:45 (UTC)

Time for Me

"Somebody hit the lights..." The buzz of the treadmill
would start, then it would speed into a quick pace as I
took off enthusiastically. So we can work it day and
night." I worked out to that CD almost every single day
the summer I started this diary... the summer between high
school and college... the summer I learned to feel good
about myself, if only for a while. I found that CD
tonight. I'd forgotten most of these songs existed. I
forgot how much I'd lost in the confusion of the last
couple of years. I talk all the time about all of the
things I've learned and all of the growing I have done
because of my run-in with bipolar disorder, but the truth
is that I still have much further to go. My self esteem
has been given a good beating, and it needs some healing.

It's time for me again.