Nick's Journal
2007-03-03 09:51:57 (UTC)

Getting a Job is never easy

j-o-b. job. that's what we 1ls are scrambling for. or
rather other 1ls since i got a summer associate
but anyhow, it is apparently a rather fruitless and
degrading journey. my friend kyle was sending out his
application e-mails and accidentally misspelled references
(in the FILENAME of his attachment) and the attorney
responded with a 5 point bulletin as to how he "needs to
shape up."
i felt so badly for kyle, he looked so fucking distraught
about it, and truth be told it was so much bullshit. the
guy who sent it was obviously some cocksucker anyhow. i
mean the good thing is that kyle figured this out now rather
than when he accidentally misspelled a word on an office memo.
but seriously the guy wrote such a degrading e-mail it
really pissed me off. and at this point we 1ls are to
lawyers as son-in-laws are to their in-laws. no matter
what...they are always right and you are always wrong.
case in point.
so of course kyle couldn't shoot back a witty e-mail or
sarcastic one 'thanking' him for his pointers and how he was
glad taht he knew that he was a douchebag before he started
working for him.
now the other thing that has really started to piss people
off is networking.
back when i was still looking for a job i got the same
stupid shit i got in undergrad..."nick,
word...networking...that's the get
out there and network!"
first of all.
shut the fuck up.
second of all. that's a buncha bullshit in law school
unless you're mr. moneybags. i went to two free functions
to 'network'. one i wrote about in a prior journal entry
where the fuckers looked so disinterested and were chomping
on their goddamned subs, and the other, NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE
SHOWED UP!!! so it was UEBER-pathetic having about 200 law
students clamoring around 3 people.
ugh. god damn it.
now the 'real' networking experiences are quite costly. of
course career services doesn't tell you this. like for
example i joined the local bar association as this was a tip
to 'meet lawyers'. okay, i've gotten invitations to 7
events. none of them have been under $100 to attend.
now i wouldn't mind throwing down $100 if i were sure that i
would get a great networking experience. but the problem
is, i doubt that one trip can do it. these are actual
LEARNING courses, where people go to...shockingly...LEARN!!
and not to listen to groveling law students looking for
summer jobs.
so anyway, i just got two more 'invitations' one would cost
me $350 and the other $225.
fuck you career services.
i think the real straw came when brian and i saw a golf
tournament. we were pscyhed to join and hopefully network
there...entrance fee? $300 per person...minimum of 4 people
per group.