a thin line btween luv n hate

WHY scream WHY?
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2007-03-03 06:39:18 (UTC)

am i overreacting?????????

so like i had stated earlyer i am in a relationship for
four years we have been engaged for two years we are
finally gonna get married nothing big.The problem is that
he just completely stop caring about how he looks i am not
superficial dont get me wrong but i also like to be
attracted to my future husband. I love him so much but how
can i break it to him nicely that he is getting fat not
fat fat but kinda fat also i want to live on my own but i
dont think we can tell his brother that he needs to move
out how do you tell someone um start looking for an
apartment because we dont want to live with you anymore.
soooorry it sucks i feel horrible. another problem of mine
are my bills how do i stop spending money i cant i just
have one 5500 credit card maxed out and a 500 credit card
after having 15000 debt im okay but those two credit cards
just dont seem to go down it sucks anyway im gonna go
cause my hubby is due back like now till tomorrow

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