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2007-03-03 04:25:11 (UTC)

Half Day

and it was ok

i was feeling really bad about today

umm we have new kids at our school two brothers

one's a sophomore and in my french class (the only

the other's a junior and in my band class

from baltimore

apparently the junior is cute

i don't think so he's normal


kinda quiet

plays the sax

unfortunately he's sitting next to Brandon so we'll see
how that works out

poor guy will be tainted

Matt (junior) and Chris (soph)


i had taco time for lunch

cuz i decided to go when i was nearing it on my way home

i'm on Naruto Episode 206

i can't wait until I catch up to the time skip

that'll take a couple days though

missed you ryan in band

kinda lonely

and instead of focusing her attention on tormenting you
tiarra and melissa kinda teamed up against each other and
annoyed me

(if that was confusing then..) they fought with each other
and forced me to break them up on numerous occasions

all the girls are developing a crush on matt

like kayla kept dragging a random person she knew up to
the window to palmer's office when he was in there

i was the only one to actually go in

i was originally bored and walked in and true to my nature
i was like hi who are you

and then i found out that his brother was the new kid in
my french class

haha i'm so bad at telling when people are related

sabrina picked up on it immediately

but he had to tell me that he was from Baltimore before I
mentioned the kid in my french class lol

wonder if we have anything else together

not like i care or have a crush on him but out of sheer

he's not that cute like melissa and lisa were fighting
over who had dibs on him




thank god its friday

snow day yesterday means no hw except for that things Lee
asked us to do if there happened to be a snow day

and have to redo that "To Celia" thing


I dunno what to do with myself right now

I've already watched like 10 naruto episodes

read up on all the updates on quizilla

checked my grades

still on msn messenger

listened to music

checked my pic website

watched tv


done all my boredom stuff

and i don't feel like going upstairs and daydreaming just

or at all for that matter

it's kinda tradition almost sacred to only do it right
before going to bed

so its like wrong right now. It is only 8:23


i could daydream here for a while. While i look for some
interesting fan fic or something.

Thought of the Day:

I think i'm falling for someone that i really don't wanna
fall for. And i think Trevor is finally getting out of the
picture. This could be bad though. And don't pester me
about this you guys. I have to stop this from happening.
Or figure out if it's even started. *sigh* it's a curse.