Nick's Journal
2007-02-28 05:49:28 (UTC)

I have a new favorite movie

after having watched it for the 3rd time i have decided that
'Little Miss Sunshine' is my favorite movie currently.
first of all there is NO movie that i can watch that many
times in such a short period of time, without either
a.) drew barrymore being in it (for obvious reasons)
b.) edward norton being in it (because he's the best actor)
so anyhow.
little miss sunshine is awesome. at first i didn't know
what it was about the movie but after seeing 'The Departed'
take home the oscar for best movie i realized what it was.
first of all, fuck the departed. everyone is suckin' on
scorese's balls. christ, what is this? the year where
everyone gets the monkey out of their anus?
first peyton manning, then scorese? what's next? grammies
for the dixie chicks?...oh wait.
anyhow, fine give the schmuck his freakin' best director
oscar, but little miss sunshine was much better than the
first and foremost, LMS is just more real than the departed.
what i love is how each of the characters is incredibly
interesting yet somewhat believable. and before you go
coughing up a lung protesting on different aspects that make
it 'unbelievable' remember, it's fucking hollywood.
i love the grandfather in this movie, and i'm glad that he
won the best supporting actor.
shit, all of the actors did a PHENOMENAL job in this movie.
when i first saw it, i was worried that this was going to
be a movie on which steve carrell takes the
platform...thankfully he played a side character with
unbelievable depth.
the dialogue is hilarious and engaging. the situations are
bizzarre enough to keep your attention, yet crazy enough to
make you laugh.
and of course the end is the best. now i don't want to
spoil this movie which is why i haven't mentioned any
specifics. but the ending is probably one of the top 3
endings of all time, right up there with the thomas crowne
affair's ending (an underrated movie by all means).
the departed had, jack nicholson, leonardo dicaprio, mark
wahlberg (who can actually act so he counts), and alec
baldwin in it. and i may be leaving out another big name.
that's like the fucking yankees or the lakers. OF COURSE
you're gonna bang out atleast a decent movie with that kind
of talent.
little miss sunshine is engaging, funny, and
heartwarming...yes i used the word heartwarming, and not i'm
not growing a clitoris.
the girl is cute and i really feel for her near the end when
she finds herself in that fucked up world that just gives me
the fucking creeps.
anyhow, LMS gets a solid 5 out of 5 while the departed gets
a 4 out of 5. fact is...i've seen The Departed a hundred
times over just with different cast members.
so far there's only been one Little Miss Sunshine, but
atleast i can watch it over and over.

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