Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2007-02-26 18:23:01 (UTC)


"...there is no roguery the wolf will not invent
to draw the lamb into his clutches"

- De Sade; Justine

There is something sublime when one catches the eye of a
girl in a library, clutching a novel such as Ice and Fire,
glasses half slipping down her nose, her eyes darting with
a certain fever pitch, that I could not stop gazing at her
with my own glasses half slipping down my nose, licking my
lips as I sat there reading Justine.

Had this not been the university library, and had I even a
shred of augustness for my own abilities, and were I not so
sure I'd trip over my words, I'd have sauntered over and
said something to her. But, as it was, I merely read, and
occasionally made cursory glances in her direction. I think
she may have noticed because at one point, she smiled and
looked up at me, as I looked at her. I of course, lack any
decent opinion of myself, and shrugged it off, as
coincidence. And she left eventually, even walked past me,
and I later realized, she'd gone the long way to leave.

Silly boy. I really, have to get over this bullshit

But I do remember the days when I was called a silver
tongued devil. How I wish that were true still, but I've
lost whatever it was, that allowed such to waft forth, and
that which allowed me to glibly slide up to a girl, and kiss
her hand.

I should really learn to take my nose out of books. And
actually live.

I am imperilled, methinks, and I must change something soon.

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