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2007-02-26 15:00:52 (UTC)

in love

oh fucking dear, i've not wrote here for ageeees.

man, so much has changed since i talked to you all last

i'll be really quick and explain...

J Pryke's in the group...i've fallrn in love with him, but
he's seeing one of my best (girl...obviously) friends. he
says he's straight, but i think otherwise, and with good
reason too. sian sent me a myspaz message saying she
couldn't come to hull cos of work, etc...allll because i
moved her off my number 1 friend. she's so fucking
insecure. i want time apart from them both. she's pissed me
off over the past couple of weeks and i want james to sort
what he wants out (basically, i think he only ever
socialises with us when sian's about...if she's not there,
he doesn't wanna fucking know), so i'll see if they bother
phoning US this week to see if we're doing anything. if
they don't, then my theories correct. then i won't know
what to do. it's hard. it's like how i felt when i fell for
simon b. that was years ago, though. i just don't know what
to do. i really don't know how things are gonna turn out...

going to ibiza in july. well, me n amy don't think we'll be
able too cos 100 quid has to be paid by march 1st, n that's
just not gonna happen. shit. i NEED to go, though.
obviously. i just don't know where i'm gonna get the money

homelifes been SHIT. i was found out (won't go into what i
did over a 2 month period), n everythings been shit since.
things are OK. the best they can be i guess, considering
the circumstances.

les n lee have spent 2 weeks apart. good. i hate him.
literally. they'll see each other this week. it looks like
they might be working things out, but i dunno. she seems to
be adjusting to life without him.

college is shit. CONSTANTLY breathing down my fucking neck.
have yet ANOTHER meeting tomorrow afternoon about my
attendence. i'm gonna say i wanna quit maths, cos i'm never
gonna get that C. i'll just resit it in later life.

7 months till uni. i can't wait to move from here and meet
loadsa new people. i really just can't wait. hull or
manchester it is. the clocks ticking. it won't be long now

i'm addicted to myspace. if u wanna add me, just check
www.myspace.com/hiltonshah out :)

socially, things are pretty damn good. my 20th was amazing.
went to Fuel on friday, n it was reeeally good. katie
cooked me a meal on wed night which was really lovely. had
a great week last night. i'm not so hopefull about this
week like, but yeh, fingers crossed..

gimmie advice about the James P thing, people. falling in
love with your straight best(ish) friend, whome is seeing
your best(ish) female friend. HA. it's like something from
a movie.

get in touch yeh? =]


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