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2007-02-24 11:11:47 (UTC)

The Path Bolted Beneath Me

Barely the span of a single night, and already I've lost
my place in the atmosphere. The landing in which I've
stepped off of yesterday, is no longer there. And it feels
as if out of nowhere, thoughts are racing, feet are
shuffling, the clouds are racing across the sky, more so
than usual. I know that it's not just me. Has the world
received a push of some sort? Tell me, how is your day
today? Has it been anymore hectic than before? Can you
feel that strange buzz in the air?; the first waves of the
tidal to come...

Normally I'm welcome to the race, even at the most
inconvenient times, despite my rants, I am open to
challenges. What I like about pace changes is that they
sometimes carry for a plethora of ideas...stray thoughts,
sights, epiphanies, sounds..basically it's like the
harvesting of insight of a sort. And within the array
there's always something that renders the nerves to a
tremble. That's what I dislike. World War III is old news
by now, but what's with
this sudden emergence of new moves made by possible
opponents, suggesting possible threatening notions? I am
not a fan of global catastrophe - surely no one is - and
this is one thing that at the moment, I am not willing to
accept. But if it must come, so be it.

I figure that whatever comes to pass holds a purpose, not
necessarily a whimsical origin. God's plan is always at
action and cannot be halted. I would never try.

So much has gotten me thinking about the world lately,
anyway. What I would like to know is my placing within
this world, because in midst of all the chaos, there's
always that need of understanding our purpose within it.
The reason why we exist within it. Last week, I researched
the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings that ended second
World War and was caught in the petrified evidence of
disaster. It gave my tears a good squeeze for the most
part of an hour, and the heart an aching that would not
subside. My cousin stood beholding my disposition and
asked why I cried for something that has come to pass? My
question is, how can one not? As my belief goes,
everything in life is connected and therefore ever-
existant; all things transcend time in some form or
another. I feel the same way for Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
as I would for any moment in time. It's there. I can feel
it. Even if it's occurred decades before my own time.

My thoughts have also touched upon cliques and groups. Of
a group, any given group, or clique, club, whatever you
may come to call it, would there always to some degree
exist a form of elitism? Would the group be led,
propelled, by a select few that appear more powerful than
others? Can a good intent become corrupt? Can a group goal
go astray? What propels those?

The subject at hand does not necessarily include
friendships; what I aim for is a larger scale of it. As of
late, I've stepped back, thanks to my falling of pace with
the rest of the world, and have noticed how different the
people around me have become against the image of a year's
span. What's most astounding is the collision between the
old and new, when old tries to reconnect with the new, and
it doesn't work. Like a barrier, it repels the outside
force that suddenly doesn't belong with the crowd anymore.
This "old" either assimilates or is set aside. For some
reason that terrifies me; have I really missed the drastic
change? Why does it make me unhappy?

There's an old friend that I'd like to talk to, but hasn't
been around to talk. My prayers go out to him.

A prayer and a kiss for the world. I sure hope the winds
continue long into tomorrow because I missed my date
yesterday afternoon. There's already procrastination to
make up. I'm not perfect. I'm probably not as kind-hearted
as I initially believed myself to be. But I have good
intentions. Don't know, maybe I'll explore that another

Which reminds me, during Glenn Beck this afternoon, I
caught an idiot at a fallacy. Just to make sure, I need to
find a copy of the airing.

Take Care.