taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-02-22 08:37:18 (UTC)

IRON_. "I'd like to buy a vowel..."

Where to begin.

My dad got "downsized" on Tuesday. He was on the cusp of
his 10th year; seniority, more vacation time, a raise,
etc. until it was all dashed by his smarmy, malevelonent
boss and capitalist reality. They don't come more loyal,
unassuming, and hard-working than my dad. Unfortunately,
these qualities fall through the bottom-line. This is your
free world in action. I know my dad and the fam will pull
through this, but the fact that this development is so
unsurprising and so out of my father's hands speaks
volumes, especially to the mind-pervasion of hegemony.
These things just happen, right?

Here's where it gets ironic. I do believe I am emerging
with force from the haze of depression. For amidst the
chaos, the suffering, the humbling realities in the lives
of me, my family and some of my friends, I have stumbled
myself into a girlfriend, in an unlikely place, or so it
would seem (her name does NOT begin with a "V" and ryhme
with harmonica). Her name is Jenn, and while unbeknownst
to the ranks of my-diary.org, I "met" her roughly a year
ago in astounding fashion. There exist many an
inconsequential detail between then and the point we are
at now, but needless to say, the last few weeks have
progressed from innocent night of movie watching,
to "where did this notion come from?", to "I don't want to
leave your presense, ever!" Sappy, sappy, lovey dovey
crap. The stuff that if you said in any other context
would open you right up for some serious cock-eyed stares
and ridicule. I don't want to get too ahead of myself
here, but I'm really, genuinely happy, even when I over-
think it.