Nick's Journal
2007-02-22 03:23:13 (UTC)

I've become disenchanted with the democratic process

this past summer i became a citizen of this great country.
and this past november i voted in the elections. although
my candidate did not win, all of the initiatives went my way
and i'd like to think that i am personally responsible for
the decisive sway in which they bent.
and i decided to get local as well. i voted like a banshee
for my student body representative. that one individual who
i thought would best represent my ideals, my wishes, my
needs, to the student governing association.
alas, even though she was part asian and part polish (her
primary calling card according to her issue statement, as to
why she could handle diversity) she was decidedly trounched
by jake the very affable and optimistic over-the-top
lobbyist for our right to park closer to campus.
i angrily click on the 'no' box when asked if i approved
that the student government association raise its fee by $23
although this was soundly passed as well.
so although i don't have a perfect record i believe in the
democractic process which allows me to partake in the larger
stake of governing bodies which apparently held my very
livelihood in the balance.
until now.
apparently there are now elections for a new round to
situate themselves at the heads and the wings of the student
governing association (sga from here on out).
now i'm thoroughly convinced that these positions are being
made up as they go along. a 'student library
representative'? a 'faculty advisor representative'? and
the best one, a 'student parking representative'.
why not a 'make sure all the chairs are the same fucking
height' represenative?
i think i am going to run for this one, cos i'm pissed when
i get one of the chairs which was designed for a midget, or
one of the chairs that makes me feel like i'm in a fucking
high chair.
it seems that about a 1/3 of my class is now running for
some sort of elective office. how am i supposed to take the
democratic process seriously when anyone who is willing to
mug for a poster shot can now be voted into elective office.
furthemore, there doesn't seem to be an opposition against
which they are running!
i think it's disingenuous and funny and i won't stand for
this catastrophic manipulation of our governmental selection
system! no! i will not vote for a library representative!
a parking regulator!
i hereby announce my candidacy as a 'equal chair height'
representative! equality in the academic legal field is a
laughable notion if we do not all sit on the same height
chair! how can one not feel demeaned sitting next to one
whose chair holds him above his own? how can one focus on
the implied warranty of habitability when he is inadequately
served by the height of his chair?
if his hand is not seen and occluded by a higher sitting
classmate's hand? how!!! how indeed?
i will bring chair equality to all.
i will not vote for you disinegnous, resume padding fucks,
who think that you can 'serve' the interests of your
constitutents by a simply worded (yet sometimes witty)
candidacy poster.
be wary all of you who wish to subvert the democractic
process for your own self-serving megalomaniacal interests!
nick and his equal chairs for all campaign will 'level' theh
playing field.
but now i must watch 'king of queens'.