2007-02-21 06:56:45 (UTC)

A Passion Dissolving...

Oh the greatness that could be. I feel down every minute.
The only things that bring me to joy are the things that
side track me from my big picture.

I don't want to keep writing scripts, I want to be a
director. And I am. But what's a director without a crew.
How do I aspire this greatness?

The bigger reason is that I can't get anything done when I
keep spending so much time with Chris. Dwight understands
me on this. He wanted to get himself organized and take
care of his stuff before getting a new chick. Me, I can't.
I really love Chris and I love spending literally every
single moment with him. But this staggers my over
ambitious plans. Where is the balance?

I don't feel like writing, it pains me. I feel like
playing the sims and forgetting the fact that I have to go
to columbia tomorrow to return some equipment I hardly