Nick's Journal
2007-02-20 03:10:11 (UTC)

Bad Parents

i've read more than enough about how parents don't really
affect the way a child develops. well, let me qualify that,
'good' parents don't matter as much as the immediate
environment (i.e. socio-economic setting, friends, etc.).
however, BAD parents do have a significant impact on
children. with this being said, i can't tell you how much
it pisses me off to see bad parenting in action. now i'm
not one of those lame fuckers who would call child
protection just because a parent whacks their kid, whatever,
that's just a preferred method of discipline (however, if
the parent is wailing on their kid that's a different story).
specifically what pisses me off are the parents who don't
give a shit about their children. there seems to be
something infinitely worse about a parent who doesn't care
at all about their child than one who cares too much and is
for example, there's this lady who rides the bus with me
every morning. she looks to be about in her late 20s, heavy
set, significant number of piercings and she always wears
one of those hats that makes her look like kirby (the video
game character). fine. but the thing that pisses me off
about her is that she doesn't pay any attention to her
little son who looks to be around 7ish.
every morning her son is dashing around INTO the road,
practically dodging cars and buses. it got to the point
once where i thought i was going to throw up as a car honked
and whizzed by him (at which point she yelled at him to 'get
back here').
well it got to the point where one day he almost got run
over by the bus. he was hiding behidn the trash can
shrieking like a banshee for his mother's apparently
impossible to win attention, when the bus came up from
behind. the kid lurched out to the right and almost went
right under the bus.
the bus screeched to a halt and there were many gasps from
the regulars standing with us. the mother always wears
earphones with music so loud i can hear it from two seats
down in the bus.
SHE DIDN'T EVEN BUDGE! finally she walked over to the bus
and the son (as usual) came up behind her and got on with
her terse words parsed towards him as he ducked past her.
people were staring at her in disbelief. i swear if that
child didn't get on the bus with her every morning she
wouldn't even notice.
then last night juli and i go to see pan's labyrinth (great
movie by the way) and we sit down in front of this fat
mexican looking dude who has FOUR children all under the age
of 10 easily. okay if i were a parent i wouldn't take my
young children to go see pan's labyrinth! christ!
anyhow, i was so close to just wildin' out on the guy, when
i started wondering if he was retarded. like he would laugh
HYSTERICALLY any time someone was tortured in the
film...which really started to creep me out.
then there were some parents on the bus one time who cussed
non-stop and would actually speak to a third person with
them about how the other would yell and beat their children.
the kids were constantly screaming and they would yell at
them to shut up.
it just really pisses me off because children are so
helpless in that respect, the parents that you get are ones
you're stuck with and as a small child it's almost
impossible to get away unless someone helps you.
plus these children invariably have problems later on.
without the love and attention they crave as children they
turn into every noxious 20 year old you've ever met who
spikes his hair, wears dog collars and thinks anarchy is cool
those 'kids' you see on the street who act like fucking
dipshits because now they atleast have a way to get what
they so dearly craved as children but never were able to
now they dress up like clowns and act like them so that
people make sure to look at them.
that's what you breed. i'm sure that little boy will turn
into one of those, and i don't even know what happens to
those little kids in the movie theater the other night. bad
parenting is just the most abominable thing in the world.
while being a great parent is something so many fret over
and sometimes overdo, at the very least it is better to do
it with too much care than none at all.
and if you can't prepare to make that sacrifice then just
use a rubber for christ's sake!