My Ruined Reputation
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2007-02-19 21:26:59 (UTC)


In a world of confusion and the blind comforting the
blind, have you ever noticed how hypocrisy is carelessly
thrown around? If our mood fits it, we can ignore every
kind of comfort and idea of hope, but on the other hand
when the tables are turned, we befriend the ideas
initially shunned. False senses of security arise and run
their ugly hands up and down our body and our being,
covering up the real world and putting a mask in front of
our eyes. When told lies of a bright future by a person
one loves, we accept his or her promises and start
building our lives and actions towards the idea proposed.
And suddenly we are surprised when a boulder comes out of
nowhere and crushes everything we had worked so hard to
achieve. Thus again, lies of hypocrisies are thrown back
and forth, meant to calm and console the one hurt. They
build a person up and up and up until finally when
something brings the person down, they hit rock bottom all
the harder. And so the cycle continues.

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