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story of jungle girl
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2007-02-16 08:27:44 (UTC)


i didn't have any date on valentines day. u know me. i was
on vacation nga. it'z not gonna be long of course i am going
back to manila coz' of willy. wakekek!!!!! wLa LaNg.
hehehhe..... i was watching boomtarat tarat kse. tpos,....
nakita ko c willy. nakaka-miss ang manila. i am very near
boracay right now. i am pretty shure. kung madame lng ako
pera ngaun, i am there na. kase i have to take a boat 2 go
der.... tpos it'z gon take all day dw. wellz,..... i am on d
islands ryt naw.

wla lang. i am going na. kse bka mahaba nnman toh. i aint
gon enjoy d day kung i am gon make it too long kse i have
stuffs ta do pa e. lollers.....:)

mizz ko na c vEz. vEz, i miZZ ya babez. don't believe
anything negative that ppl say. ingit lang cla sau.
kkz........ laterrs........:P