Lost in Translation

2007-02-15 00:48:47 (UTC)

My thoughts on Valentines Day:

Looks of sadness and depression are lurking around the halls
of this office more prominently today, than on any other day
of the year. There’s the poor girl (that didn’t receive
flowers from anyone) envious of the girl at the end of the
aisle who did. The one who is gloating on about how terribly
wonderful her suitor is, and how she’d really be a complete
wreck without him. And the flowerless girl is anxiously
wondering why the hell she -staring at her desk- is feeling
jealous of a woman who, under normal circumstances, would
never have to compete for anyone’s attention if she had just
received flowers too.

I wondered why a lady, married with children, would be so
adamant about making sure her husband did not attempt to
send her anything, let alone a dozen roses on this day. She
talked to her child on the phone and iterated to her, “make
sure Dad doesn’t send me anything today” She refused to give
him the address of the office, so he wouldn’t have them
delivered. She talked so bad about him; you wondered why
they ever were married in the first place. To her dismay, he
eventually would show up, delivering the dozen long stemmed
buds, and a half dozen Mylar balloons. She smiled at him
with a reluctance only witnessed at political events, to
eventually cut him all up in front of our co-workers once he

I say, with the amount of love lacking in the world,
Valentine’s Day should be an everyday occurrence.

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