Bruce Wayne

2007-02-14 02:42:17 (UTC)

so frustrated

Ever since ASTRO Rob has been different. She has been more
sexually aggressive...the key word being aggressive.
Initially it was after drinking which was just weird.
This, in my oppinion was in reaction to some insecurity
and I've asked about it in veiled ways. I don't want to
offend her about the sexuality, but it's so sudden. We had
dinner one night at Smokeybones and I was heading out to
meet the boys. She got drunk and said she wanted to have
sex in the car in the parking lot. This is so out of least for the last 8 years that it just
struck me as strange. Well she brought it up infront of a
few friends weeks later and acted like she was joking
about it...she wasn't. If I'd made a joke about all the
times she sexually rejected me , in public, I'd still be
hearing about it. We had a fight about it, and as usual,
she acepted no responsibility for it. She then found a way
to be offended by the whole thing. She didn't like being
rejected...well, how's it feel. This was a big deal to
her, but it made no difference in the conversation when I
mentioned how she's litterally, walked away from me in the
middle of very obvious sexual advancements. I guess I'm
not supposed to feel rejected, no matter how many dozens
of times she does it, but it happens to her once and it's
a federal issue. I've asked her over and over about wht's
changed and the only thing I've gotten out of her is that
she feels "invisible", but can't explain it further than
that. She doesn't feel like I pay attention to her. I
can't ignore this, but I don't see it. When she wants
attention, I have to give it, when sh doesn't, all is
right with the world. My wants in this area have not even
rated as secondary to her. Ive made a clear effort to
compliment her and have gone over the top with the
attention, and there is no mention tof it till we're in a
fight and I have to point it out...then she recognizes it.
I've been asking, for years, for her to be more thoughtful
when we disagree about how she fights with me. It's about
winning, not resolution. Appologies get screamed at me,
and more often than not, I have to fight to get them. This
has been an ongoing issue that I feel she has not made one
iota of effort to change.