Nick's Journal
2007-02-13 04:26:07 (UTC)

I was ON today

there are a few days in one's life when you are just ON.
everything you say is funny, timing hits every single chance
you have, your witticism knows no bounds and you completely
school this fool as to why the sufficiency of memorandum
clause within the statute of frauds is not dispositive if
you have enough parol evidence to corroborate a third-pary
verification that a contract existed.
yes...for me that day was today. it all started today as
slick james came into property today beaming from ear to
ear. we call him slick james because he looks like every
other greasy frat guy who lures girls in with his
disingenuine flattery. well he comes in and one of the
girls sitting next to me says,
"why james you sure look dashing today."
to which he replies,
"well, i figured i have a meeting with the district, i might as well get dressed up."
to which i reply,
"oh...the ruphies wear off too soon this past weekend?"
outright and uproarous laughter. it felt so great. it was
the perfect timing, it was the perfect person to say it to,
and it was great because everyone despised him the second he
gloated that he was 'interviewing' with a district judge.
i basked in the glow. well to the extent that i was allowed
to with james' eyes metaphysically impaling me.
well on it went and there came contracts in which i argued
the aforementioned point after which my teacher actually
conceded i had a good argument. so i have figured that i
should shut up from now on in class because as george
costanza once so wisely said, "any work i can do in that
place could only hurt my reputation"
well there was a downside to this whole day. in my effort
to obtain a hearing aid (yes that's right, i STILL don't
have a hearing aid after about 6 months) i realized that my
current audiologist was hosing me for about $2,000. problem
was i had to go BACK to that audiologist in order to get my
hearing tests and other shit.
talk about awwwwwwwwwkward. anyhow, they were really cold
to me and obviously were trying to get information as to who
i could be visiting now. i told them that wasn't their
business (did i mention i was on fire today?) and that this
person offered the hearing aid for $2,000 less. to which
they replied as one collective nick-loathing audiological
department rising together in a harmony of hatred..."you
will regret it, you will pay what you would have paid just wait!"
we'll see.
but then the legal writing group project came. we have to
present a case to our teacher tomorrow and i am stuck with
the following partners:
helen - very nice girl who i greatly admire do to her
genuine kindness and intelligence
ariel - very horrible girl who i greatly despise do to her
"sweet 16 spoiled" attitude. she's that spoiled arabian
princess. she comes from saudi arabia and her dad has more
money than god. she's spoiled, selfish, stupid, boarish,
and dismissive.
her voice sounds as though she has smoked 50,000 cigarettes
a year for her short life. it is a mechanical grating with
all of the pleasantries to be associated with a meat grinder.
to wit she asked me the following,
"hey aren't you like foreign? like french or something?"
"you speak austrian?"
"that's what i said."
"it's a beautiful country you should go sometime."
"eh, tell you the truth all i really know about germans is
from their service in first class of lufthansa...they're
she actually said this with a slight (maybe sub-conscious)
wave of her hand so as to manifest her indifference.
"you are quite a worldly person."
"yeah, i get around."
"i bet you do."
to this helen grinned broadly with ariel stopping for a
second, thinking about what she and i had just said and then
got visibly irritated.
"are we done here?"
"we just started, you have to atleast let us know what your
secondary sources will be."
to this she quickly scribbled down some one-liners.
get the fuck serious, if you're in law school you don't pull
that shit. you can do that in an undergraduate management
group...but not in preparation for a legal presentation
worth 15% of your grade.
anyway, this did not matter as today was just a good day. i
have finally found that 'deal or no deal' is a lot more
tolerable on mute when i listen to loudon wainwright III and
beta band.
take me in and dry the rain!