Nick's Journal
2007-02-11 23:17:18 (UTC)

Allman Brothers got me through a defective coffee lid

apparently i was wrong all along. i thought taht when
someone manufactures a lid to cover a cup of coffee, the lid
is supposed to keep the coffee inside of the cup.
apparently the real reason behind the coffee lid is to
coveniently angle the scalding hot beverage to soak over
your fingers.
sigh, what a piece of shit...manufactured by international
paper everybody!!! well i was traveling back to the law
library after having spent yesterday (saturday) all day
there researching. truth be told i love legal research, i
think i am clincially insane, but i can hole myself up in
the library for hours on end perusing legal volumes with the
zeal usually reserved for frantic masturbation.
anyhow, there i was with coffee stained fingers when i
decided to play some allman brothers. specifically 'blue
sky'. what a great song, and as my friend mike once put it,
"it's just a song that makes you feel good...good and happy."
and so it did.
it took me back to warm, sunny, hazy, and lazy late
undergrad spring days where we would hang out by our
apartment or on the quad with some beers, just soaking in
the sun and making fun of everything that walked by, taking
in the allman brothers and letting it comingle with our ever
rising blood alcohol levels.
those nice days during which we would idly sit around
chatting, drinking, and just having a great time. living
the world in the usual disconnected undergraduate way. and
it's songs like this that allow me to take a step back from
the fair labor standards act and just enjoy the sliver of
sunlight carressing my left forearm. creeping up slowly
along my shirt and alighting just gently to the right of my
left eye.
allowing me to look out, turn my nose towards it...and
effect a gargantuan sneeze which makes my fellow male and
female law school compatriots respectively shit their pants
and get ovulate.
oh the good old memories dredged up by one lyrically
magnificient song, echoing through my law cluttered mind.