soul survivor
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2007-02-10 01:42:58 (UTC)


never say goodbye when you still want to try. never give
up when you still feel you can take it. never sy you don't
love that person anymore whenyou can't.

maybe god wants us to meet a few wring people before
meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the
person, we will know how to be grateful.

wanting him is hard to forget loving him is hard to
regret. losing him was hard to accept, but even all the
hurt, letting go us the most painful yet.

once you love someone that someone is a piece of you

cherish what you have now, cuz you never know the things
that brings you happiness could be gone tommrrow.

accept that all of us can be hurt that all of us can and
surely will at times fail, other vulnabilities like being
embarrassed or risking love can be terrifying too. i think
we should follow a simple rule, if we can take the worse,
take the risk.

in the beginning of troubles times in my life
i needed a shoulder to cry on
had no direction until i met you
everything is gonna be alright looking out
beyond the stars searching
always wishing often that love could escape me
i was lost and couldn't find my way
you took my hand and led the way

My mind fails to understand what
my heart tells me to do and i'd
give up all i have just to be w/
you and that i would
i've always been taught to win and i
never thought i'd fail
be at the mercy of a man, i've never been
now i only want to be right
where you are
in my life i've learned that
heaven never waits
lets take this, now before its gone
like yesterday
cause now i'm with you
there's no where else that i wanna be
breathing for the next
i can feel you loving me
i'm gonna love you forever

-jessica simpson