Lost in Translation

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2007-02-09 21:52:43 (UTC)

My Running Habit:

I prefer running at dusk, alone, in cooler temperatures. It
all begins with a series of stretches: quads, calves, and
hamstrings. The stretches take about ten minutes-- or two
songs worth of time as I see it. Extending and expanding
every muscle in my lower body in effort to feel as close to
plastic man as possible, also it gets the juices flowing.
Once I am satisfied my lower extremities can handle the 40
plus minutes of exertion, I begin slowly, prancing like a
young deer. The first mile is always the hardest. You
repeatedly ask yourself if the whole damn run is going to be
at this snails pace. One lap, two laps. You start to
increase the pace a little and subsequently the legs start
to catch up to your drive. The second mile is usually the
best part of the run. You begin to think less of what you
are doing, versus the things that have real significance
your life. I know people think about these things on a daily
basis, but when you are in the midst of an action that
requires strength, stamina and discipline, your method of
thought is changed for the positive. Uncanny is the fact
that I see things clearer when my brows are dripping with
sweat. Running is my variation in the daily monotony and it
is my nightly relief from a stressful day. I’d be wrong in
placing one determining factor on it, but can guess one part
of it has a lot to do with self-confidence, and the boasting
of that confidence while in total control of everything that
is happening to your body. I never achieved that with
anything else. I’ve played team sports, such as hockey and
basketball but they required too much interaction and
dependence on other people. I never felt as mentally
satisfied as I do now with running.