Nick's Journal
2007-02-08 15:54:02 (UTC)

Oooooo...THAT'S why I stopped playing Magic Online

if you'll remember a while back i wrote a journal (or maybe
several journals) about Magic the Gathering Online. if you
don't know what magic the gathering is, then just simply
picture about 8 pimply greasy faced kids with huge glasses,
pale as talc sitting in their parents garage on a saturday
morning playing a tournament which involves mythical
creatures and sorcery summoned by mana to defeat their foes. is the ultimate nerd game.
well a couple of years ago they came out with an online
version. i decided to dwelve back into childhood nostalgia
and was instantly sucked back into the world of lame
putdowns and pathetic whiny retorts. after about a year or
so being consumed by the game i finally came up with the
ultimate deck. whereas normally with any deck i ever had i
had (at best) about a 65% chance of winning, this one
basically gave me the win close to 99.99% of the time.
i'm not joking, this thing was the most amazing deck ever.
i mean i went through expensive decks built with the rarest
cards, huge decks with a bunch of mana and creatures and
every other type of deck you could think of (goblin, land
destruction, discard, etc.) finally i came up with a deck
that was just so simple it was beautiful.
think of it like this. whereas all of my other decks were
the yankees with their star-studded rostsers, this deck was
the new england patriots, no one card was great (although
there were some indispensables) but only when they worked
together were they eyes just welled up with
tears, taht was beautiful nick.
so anyway, it was great. i beat the geeks left and right,
and man it was annoying. the only problem was that people
started imitating their deck (which isn't that bad, actually
i did it myself, usually trying to 'tweak' decks and it wasd
kind of flattering)...but the problem now was that my deck
was no longer 'original'. and nothing gets you lambasted
more than clinging on to an 'old' deck in the online magic
so after a while i was just sick of it. i had spent all the
money i intended to on that game and to be honest, i just
couldn't feel comfortable shedding out money when i had a
deck that let me win over 90% of the time!!!
so anyway, i just recently downloaded magic the gathering
(oh yeah, i'm also married, in law school, and 25) and
delved back into the world of online geeks.
after cranking out 10 straight wins i felt unsastisfied and
kind of annoyed. these guys were massive losers (granted
they were normally aged 10 or 32 mentally aged 10). out of
the 10 geeks i beat a total of 10 of them
'private-messsenged' me to harrass me about how lame my deck
was. how i needed to 'get a life' and 'be more creative'.
i mean it's supposed to be fun. the last game was the best
too, the guy was playing one of those annoying ass green and
white decks (which apparently is the arch nemesis of my all
black deck, because he said, "good triumphs over evil" to
which i replied, "so you think blacks are evil?") where they
pump themselves full of life (he was up to about 89 when you
start with 20). but my deck started to lock him down and
finally i obliterated him.
boy did he let me have it. my deck was 'unfair', 'gay',
'stupid', 'old', and the best one yet 'not really that good'.
alas, even though i was able to remove myself from the
garage in which i had to argue with these assholes face to
face, i find the online forum doesn't help much, because
where in the garage i'd say something like, "i take karate
and i will kill you" that doesn't help in the online forum.
oh well it was worth the sweet sweet victories.