taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-02-07 08:32:57 (UTC)

down at work and getting too firmilar with the floor

the male supervisors and monitors mack on the hot girls.
the female supervisors and monitors get macked on by the
hot guys. I look left, I look right, I look forward, I
look behind.. the same bullshit scene every which way.
Retarded people trying to get their genitals wet and
trying to look cool with a headset on and the prowess of a
thermodynamically-powered water bird. Posers, fakery,

Shawn: "how's it going, Derrick?"

Derrick: "oh, pretty good.."

Now give me my project, a minor infraction, and leave me
the fuck alone as I try to space my way through another
6.5 hours.