Lunactic Scriptures
2007-02-06 16:07:33 (UTC)

Loopie Loo

Now that my life is starting to come together, I'm begining
to relate to those people who have to juggle work, friends,
and family and trying to please everybody at once. Let me
tell you, it's fuckin hard. Especially since i got 3
seperate groups of friends that I try to pay attention too.

I really fucking hope my boss doesn't call me into work
tonight. That..would..fucking..suck. But i'll have to pretty
much. He pulled some strings for me to come down here and
chill with my homies so it's the least i can do. I hate
oweing up to my boss. mutherfuck.

I hope this new job works out well. Pay's 14 bucks an
hour[fuck yea!] but it's still with securitas [NOOO!!!].
oh well. It's paying me to see someone who i really care
about. Jessica baby...I can't wait to see ya. I just hope
you like what you see. Lord knows I think your the hottest
person on the planet. -kisses-