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2007-02-06 07:21:23 (UTC)

Why I do things....

Someone I love was upset and frustrated. He wasn't
enjoying his job, and things weren't going as well as he
wanted them to. So what did I do? I told him to switch
jobs. I told him to go back to the job he liked doing.
Yeah, it's commission; money might not be stable, although
it was better than it has been recently. But it made him
happy. It made him feel like he was actually getting stuff

So tonight will probably be our last night together for a
few days. From now on, my day will start when he gets home
from work and wakes me up for my breakfast, his dinner. My
day will end in a cold bed alone, except for when he has
the night off. So why did I suggest this? Because more
than anything, I need him to be happy. I'm sure there will
be upsides...I'll get all the blankets, it won't matter
which side of the bed I sleep on, and I'll probably get
morning sex more often.

So tonight, our last evening before he starts his new
(old) job, what are we doing? Sitting at separate
computers, in separate rooms, doing separate things...

...will I really be more lonely than I am right now?