Nick's Journal
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2007-02-06 04:48:57 (UTC)

What's up with the Superbowl (ads)

well granted i was dying a slow death with my sinus
infection, i was still with it enough to realize that the
superbowl was less than stellar. but i mean what could you
manning and dungy were just destined to win it this year.
grossman was right on queue, and the only big surprise was
that the chicago bears decided to put in eleven vaginas
instead of their defense for the superbowl.
okay, i know the bears were seriously worried about getting
beat deep by manning, but dropping back the way they did
just let manning pick them apart and joseph addai to gain
atleast 5 yards a carry.
come on! it's the fucking superbowl! i admire your
strategy but you have to realize somewhere along the line
taht they are just eating you alive! sure you're not
getting beat by the deep ball, but that's only because they
don't need to!
well anyhow at long last the worry about manning and dungy
is over and to be honest at the very least i feel really
happy for them both. i loved how dungy brushed aside the
fact that both himi and lovie smith were black with the fact
that they were both christian. TWO CHRISTIAN COACHES!!! WOO!!!
anyhow, the game sucked donkey dick.
but the REAL dissapointment were teh ads. how fucking
shitty can you get? seriously. the workplace one was
desperately trying to be this years 'monkeys at the
workplace' one.
coca cola decide to suck some black cock with their "hey
look how we're all about celebrating black people" come the
fuck on.
and the only "funny" ones featured 1.) making fun of
immigrants (which would ahve been a lot better had they road
that one waaaaaay out there 2.) some guy throwing a rock at
someone 3.) kevin federline commercial
that last one was the closest thing to good and the only
thing that proved was that kevin federline is a god.
which brings me to a more interesting topic.
how is k-fed not enshrined in the ultimate man hall of fame?
lets go through his accomplishments:
1.) fucked one of the hottest and most sought after women
at her prime (not now but back then)
2.) had the fortune of marrying her (gettin' the kizzity-cash)
3.) spun his "fame" which was wholly derived from his
marriage into a fucking record deal
4.) now has access to not only britney's money but also the
kids which you KNOW will lead to some sloppy ass from a
dejected britney when she recedes further into her white
trash free fall in five years
5.) had the best superbowl commercial by making an ass out
of himself
seriously when i saw that commercial i was like, if this rap
video is the commercial and he's rapping for a product i'm
gonna turn this shit off right here. then came the second
part of the commercial and i was OVERJOYED (looking back on
it it was primarily relief as well).
anyhow, the man is a legend. sure he's an egotistical
asshole with whom i would never want to be in the same room
with, but you gotta at least respect his accomplishments.

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