Nick's Journal
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2007-02-06 04:38:43 (UTC)

If you have sinus problems, read this journal entry!

over this past weekend i suffered from the absolute worst
sinus infection i have EVER had. by friday morning i was so
clogged up that my eustachian tubes felt like they were
stuffed with cotton, there was a gnome hammering away at my
face from the inside, and my throat was completley sore.
i went through the usual array of medication. even put my
name down to the communist state so as to procure the REAL
claritin with pseudoepherine in it.
well 4 of those pills and about a dozen tylenol cold and
sinus (sever at that!) NOTHING had changed. by sunday night
i was WORSE off than i had been on friday (the shitty
superbowl and horrible ads didn't help either, but that's
another journal entry).
anyhow, i was so desperate i posted on this online forum and
asked for some advice.
now i'm not one to look kindly open homeopathic remedies,
but this one guy suggested i do something called "nasal
irrigation" also known as jala neti (you can look both of
these up on wikipedia).
anyhow, the simple gist of it is this. fill a small pot
(they have a psecial thing called a neti pot, but anything
that has a spout should do) with lukewarm water mixed with
salt. the ratio of salt is 1/4 teaspoon to a cup (8 fl oz)
of water. then tilt your head and put the spout into one
nostril. let the water drain through your nasal passages
and out your other nostril.
disclaimer: you're going to look like a fucking idiot doing
but that doesn't matter. i tried it and by god, i swear, i
felt INSTANTLY better! no joke! neither claritin, nor
tylenol, nor tea, nor gatorade could do this wonder!
i was so overjoyed i kept on doing it all through today and
in comparison to how i felt exactly 24 hours ago, i have to
say, this is the most amazing remedy i have ever found for
sinus infections.
you can continue doing it (once or twice a day) as a
preventive measure as well (which i surely will). i
strongly advocate it!
so if you suffer from sinusitis, etc. then please just give
this a try. even though you look like an idiot, it is amazing.

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