worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2007-02-03 23:24:12 (UTC)

String torture

Master left a set of instructions with one of his other
slaves. I had angered him and she had pleased him. As
such, she had earned an evening of torturing me. Master
left her a set of instructions on just how she was to
torture me. They were as follows…

1. Clamps slut’s nipples. Cross her arms behind her
back. Attach string from right nipple clamp, over
shoulder, and to left thumb behind back. Attach string
from left nipple clamp, over shoulder, and to right thumb
behind back. Length of connecting strings should be short
enough to pull slut’s nipples and thumbs firmly upwards,
causing maximum discomfort and eventual pain.

2. Clamp each pussy lip. Tie string from clamp to
corresponding big toe. String should be short enough to
force slut’s knees to remain slightly bent. Straightening
of legs must cause intense stretching of pussy lips.

3. Clamp slut’s clit. Clamp her tongue. Tie string
attaching clit clamps to tongue clamp. String should be
short enough to force tongue to remain stretched out of
mouth, and to force body bent slightly forward to avoid
extreme pain to clit.

4. Keep slut in this bondage for a minimum of one hour.
Force slut to walk around and stretch her pussy lips. Use
an electric wand to force her to walk faster. Tickle and
shock slut in various places on her body to determine what
causes her to pull on which sensitive areas. Force slut
to indicate to you where to shock her next. Continue
torment until you determine slut has suffered enough.

5. Tell slut you will cut one string. Ask her which one
she wants cut first. Cut a different string. Continue
with tickling and shocks for another 15 minutes. Ask
which string to cut next. Cut that string. Keep slut
guessing whether you will cut the desired string or not.
Continue cutting one string every 15 minutes.

6. After last string is cut, do not remove any of the
clamps. Lay out the following spanking implements:
paddle, cane, crop, flogger, hairbrush, and belt. Tell
slut she must choose one spanking implement and accept 20
strokes with it before the clamps come off. Once she
chooses, use the chosen implement to deliver 20 hard
strokes to her right ass cheek. Remove the right pussy
clamp. Tell slut to choose a different implement for
another 20 strokes. Deliver the next 20 to her right
tit. Remove tongue clamp. Use third implement to deliver
20 more to back of slut’s thighs. Remove left nipple
clamp. Use forth implement on her left ass cheek. Remove
left pussy clamp. Use fifth implement on slut’s left
tit. Remove right nipple clamp. Finally, give slut a
long and hard spanking with your bare hand before removing
the clit clamp. Then use remaining implement to give slut
20 hard strokes on her pussy.