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2001-10-09 20:02:16 (UTC)

JROTC: the key to my demise

That class is like, mentally beating the living snot out of
me. And today was like, ahh, and math was hard, and mrs
ethridge was all like shocked that chante' has a 98 in her
class, shes like ,thats the highest ever, and shes all mad
that 10 people have As. "its only because of the new
grading scale." Well, guess what, im one of those ten, so
ha!!! I have a 91... barely an A, but an A none the less.
And i got a 90 in american history.. lol. Yeah, Im a
slacker. last year i got 94s, cuz that was the minmum.
Lol. I work enough to get As. Lol. School bores me to
death though. Its too easy. i like math, cuz we have to
work alot, and have to pay attention, and i gatta go to the
doctors! Later!

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