jenjen junglegirl

story of jungle girl
2007-02-02 06:50:24 (UTC)


that perFuMe. red,... i used to wear it. wla nanaman masabe.
paulit-ulit kse wlang masabe. lollers..... OO NA!!!! wla
tlaga ako masabe. And i can't even write it in english, kse
medyo wierd lhat, ita-translate ko in english. hays.... soo
ayun n nga.

Wla nnman masabe. nag-pa-practice pa din magsulat. minsan
kse, wla masabe.... wla masulat. kse, bka kung ano nnman ang
isipin ng mga tao pag nagsalita nnman ako. kya i keep quite
n lang. mahirap nah. baka, ano..... alam mo na. basta yun na
yung. hehhehehe....:))


hayzz,.... i miss playing gb. yup! gunbound. wellll.... i
can't play it right now coz' i packed all my things coz' i
am moving and at d same tym, taking a vacation somwer far
away. my desktop is in the box right now. yup!!!! u know, i
can't play that game in this computer coz' this doesn't have
game ishes here. i can't play games in this computer for
some reason. maybe i don't have all the utilities fo meh to
play it. kna' wat i mean.? BUT YEAH GB AND I WILL LAST
FOREVER!!!!! i love playing that game. in a few weeks from
now, i have to lvlup my priestess in coz' my
priestess is still at lvl 93. 30% more and i am gon be at
lvl 94. haw lame!!!!! well, ok let me end this now soo that
i can do other things. i just wanna write something down
coz' it's been days that i left my diary empty. hahahha.....
So i will c every1 later then? ok later. pz.

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