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2007-02-01 17:00:45 (UTC)

so yeah

totaly OVER that faze :]

alll is gooood [ apart frm dan being a twat. and im being
forced to sit next to a compleate cunt in science, hu
keeps asking what my girlfriends name is...ect. and seems
to think its reli reli ammazing that he can kick my chair?
found a nice song tbh... it says

' saw you standing on the ledge,
it looks like u might fall,
so far down,
or mabie u were thinking about jumping?'

makes me smile. it doooes.

2 days till i get to c boo and mella!!! im so hoppy bout
that tbh. havent seen them in aggeeees.

so yeah. SHE said to HIM, that SHE loves HIM. but HIMS
with HER...and thats just how it goes with HER.
so then HER snogs HE. so HER falls out with THEM.......


and me :[

2day was good....kinda....but then i got sad by lunchish
time. but thats a secret. and your not gonna find out what
it is :]

me and jaz were gonna bunk english today...but we found
out we dont hav to do our presentations...so 2mmrw she
will either stay home, or we will bunk english then :]

emma did sum tarrot cards...and i thought my
question...*thinky thinky think*

and the first cards were all gr8

the last 1 was death

that makes me sad

makes my whole good bit seem bad to.

cuz the first cards were all great, and i get what i want,
and then it dies?!

but its ok...shes gonna do them agen 2mmrw...

rowrie gets to eat fish and chips. im gonna eat a burger,
run to her house, poke out her eyes, and do a japanese on
her :]


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