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2007-02-01 15:43:58 (UTC)

A bit of happiness

Most people tend to jump between two extremes with their
online journals. They either feel the need to share the
greatest crisis of their life, or else their greatest
source of happiness.

January 31: "My girlfriend is the most amazing girl ever.
We're so happy together!"
February 2: "Apparently, my girlfriend and most of the
hockey team were also very happy together. That bitch can
burn in hell."

And so the cycle continues. So, I have decided to give in
and share the happiest event that has happened to me in
the last four weeks or so.

A week or so ago, I went shopping at Walmart, and I
secured the most perfect shopping cart that I've ever seen
in my life.

For this to make any senese, I should take a moment to
describe the typical Walmart shopping cart. It's squeaky,
has a broken wheel, and the handle covered in an unknown
sticky substance that we can only hope used to be shampoo.
It's dirty, rusty, and has an uncountable number of wet,
half-falling apart coupons clinging to the bottom.

Granted, I have low expectations for my shopping carts,
but this one was different. I was unable to locate any
sticky spots. The wheels were quiet and all pointed in the
same direction. It rolled smoothly, and it took corners
like a performance tuned racing machine.

That cart and I had a lot of fun together. There was that
time when we dodged that wild immigrant child running
though sporting goods...good times, good times.

I took a couple of extra spins around the store, just to
further bond with my cart. When it came time for us to
part ways in the parking lot, I bit my lip and tried to
smile. I know it'll make a homeless guy very happy

So that's it, the happiest moment of 2007 by far. Whatever
you say about me, at least you can't accuse me of always
being negative ;-)

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