Nick's Journal
2007-01-29 21:45:39 (UTC)

Superbowl Baby!

well i just finished reading bill simmons' superbowl article
and i realized something...i am fucking pumped up!
granted that my pre-season predictions went horribly array,
i am really happy about the matchup.
colts v.
now after having been treated to the best afc divisional
playoff game in recent memory i have this to say: yeah i
love the way the patriots play football and in a way i'm
kind of sad that they're not in the superbowl, but on the
other hand i am really happy for manning and dungy...not to
mention the sheer potential this superbowl has.
let's face it. had the patriots made it to the superbowl
this would be a fucking wash. yeah i'd enjoy watching them
dismantle the bears, but there just wouldn't be much
excitement in it. by the 2nd quarter bears fans would be
barbecuing rex grossman outside of the stadium.
but instead, we have the potential for a great game and
here's why:
1) never underestimate manning's potential to fuck
just know that he's gonna get nailed a few times with tank
johnson sitting on his rib cage and will subsequently float
one into urlacher's hands
2) no doubt grossman will murder the bears. he kept the
saints game close until finally he had no choice BUT to win
that game for them. yeah, yeah, he threw a couple of good
passes, but give me a break, he's gonna fuck up here
3) i hate everyone on the bears. well not really. i don't
really hate the bears, it's just that there is nooone on
that team that i like. urlacher strikes me as not having
evolved from the neanderthal phase and everyone else is just
so unlikeable. i do like lovie smith and respect his
steadfastness but that brings me to my next point
4) look guys! two black coaches! wow! isn't this awesome?
christ, let's try not to make a mockery out of this okay?
i don't care that they're both black, what i care about is
pooor, poooooor tony dungy. did you see his face when mike
vanderjagt missed that field goal against the steelers last
year? that literally broke my heart. and what's with john
gruden stealing dungy's thunder with the bucs?
5) that brings me to my final reason for a great superbowl.
the colts are simply my pity pick. i want manning and
dungy to win. i just feel so badly for both of them and i'm
worried that we might have to put them on suicide watch if
they lose. i mean what could be more perfect than being
overlooked and scoffed at for the latter half of the season
and then beating your arch-nemesis in an unbelievable game,
lining up for a great superbowl in which you have a decfent
chance of winning?
i mean look at this matchup. if they were playing the
saints i'd be a lot more worried for them. the saints can
come out gunning. but the simple fact is that the bears'
defense isn't what it was in the beginning of the season and
even if it was the colts just seem to have something going
for them (witness the ravens game).
if the colts get through a manning pick here and a
bone-crushing sack by tank johnson after which he fires a
semi-automatic rifle in the air in celebration, this should
be a shootout (no pun intended).
and we all know what happens when rex grossman is involved
in a shootout.
my pick?
colts 45 bears 21