Nick's Journal
2007-01-24 15:52:54 (UTC)

Has Montell Williams gone insane?

so here i am trying to wake myself up at 7:30 in the morning
by drinking copious quantities of coffee, when i look up and
who should i see? but mr. montell williams!
i've never really watched his show much, i always remembered
him being horribly preachy and usually going on a diatribe
at any chance. he doesn't walk a fine enough line of being
an active listener to consciencious objector to subjects he
doesn't agree with.
furthermore, i remember him having a sitcom (or some sort of
night show) for a while, i might be wrong here. but the
reason why i remember this is because i remember one sylvia
browne (professional psychic and nutjob) appearing on his
show and "foreseeing" that his show was (and i remember
these words exactly), "the best thing to happen to cbs".
well apparently her clairvoyancy didn't pay off, i don't see
montell on primetime any longer, although i do see him
railing against ms here and there.
well anyway, i would imagine that after such a catastrophic
prediction that ms. sylvia 'i see the future' browne would
be forever banned from montell's set. but no! whereas at
first she seemed to just be an occasional guest (like
apparently when montell has been sippin' on the hypnotik and
calls her up 5 minutes before the show starts), she now
seems to appear on EVERY show!
well not like i really give a shit. people can believe
whatever the fuck they want, i don't care how much of a
crock of shit i think it is. but here's the thing. as i
lift my tired, gritty, mucus ridden eyes towards the screen
as montell's image flashes before my eyes like an oasis in a
desert i see the following advert for todays show:
a cute little girl of mayb 5-7 years old is standing in the
kitchen with her eyes wide open and her arms outstretch.
then the voice over says,
"witness a haunting" here there is a long pause as the girl
does something crazy like spin around once or something
"that even sylvia browne couldn't take it anymore!"
and then they flash to ms. browne hysterically screeching,
"get her out of here!!"
long pause by nick.
is montell seriously doing an episode which suggests that a
little girl is possessed by a haunting? did i miss
something in this commmerical? has montell williams
essentially jumnped the shark?
has he gone insane?
do you have any idea just how badly i want to skip property
and watch this show? i mean, how on god's green earth did
this one get on national tv?
i guess that people just love this shit. but the thing i
worry about is this.
if the show is really as i perceive it to be then they are
taking advantage of the little girl (assuming she's not in
cohorts and the whole thing is a shame to begin with, which
is quite likely). i mean the girl just wants attention and
acting like a demon isn't exactly hard for any little child
to do effectively.
i really hope that this is all just an elaborate
"undercover" ploy to pull in suckers for ratings. i
SERIOUSLY hope that neither sylvia browne nor montell
williams ACTUALLY freaked out when this little girl came
onto the set. can you imagine them beating her down tying
her to a stake and burning her on the set?
i believe that's coming up on thursday.